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Instrument Rentals & Repairs

Renting an Instrument

From Rich Welker at Bronstein's Music:

Bronstein Music has been providing band instrument rentals for over 61 years. We have shaped our rentals to the S'cool Spirit program to make renting, maintaining, and returning an instrument as easy and economical as possible. We come to your schools to rent the instruments, and during the course of the school year make weekly trips to pick-up and deliver repairs, as well as pick-up any early returns.

To make it even easier, we offer you the ability to go to our website and do rental online. If you rent the instrument online at least 24 hours before the band night at your school, we will deliver the instrument and supplies to you that night and you won't have to wait in line.  On the website, just click on "Cupertino Schools," and the appropriate instruments and supplies will be listed.

Bronstein's Music representatives are available during each band night to rent instruments and answer questions you may have. It is recommended that you visit Bronstein's Website and complete the Instrument Rental Form online so that your instrument and supplies will be ready for you to pick up at the band night.

Do you have other questions about rentals?
Bronstein's Music can be contacted by phone at
(650) 588-2502 or (800) 231-3421
or you can email
bronsteinmusic@comcast.net or through Bronstein's Website.

Repairing an Instrument

If your child's instrument is not making a proper sound or has been damaged (if it isn稚 playing, or if it sounds a bit different than it normally does), have your child give their instrument to their band teacher so they can have it repaired. The teacher will leave the instrument at the school for Bronstein's to pick up, repair, and return. Most repairs are free of charge. Only in cases of extreme neglect (ie: student throws the instrument on the floor, etc.) will Bronstein charge you. Instrument repairs typically take 1 to 2 weeks. In some cases, the teacher will have "loaner" instruments for a student to play while their instrument is in for repair, but this cannot be guaranteed.

NOTE: If you are using your own instrument, you will be responsible for keeping it in playable form. You should contact one of the local music stores and inquire about instrument repairs. A list of local music stores can be found here.

Do you have other questions about repairs? Bronstein's Music can be contacted by phone at (650) 588-2502 or (800) 231-3421
or you can email
bronsteinmusic@comcast.net or through Bronstein Website.

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